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Why do men wear panties? why do guys wear panties? What do woman think of guys wearing panties? What do woman think of men wearing panties? What type of panties do men wearing panties like wearing? What type of guys wear panties? Do woman like men wearing panties? Is it ok for men to wear panties? Can guys wear panties? Lots of questions get asked about men wearing panties, you can find the answers to all these questions and tons more at panties wearing men a community for guys wearing panties.

Why do men wear panties?
Sometimes, a man just likes the feel of panties, lingerie, pantyhose or bras, or any one of the huge selection of lingerie that lingerie stores carry, but still in this day and age, men buying panties for themselves and men wearing panties is not completely accepted and most guys wearing panties and buying panties wear panties in secret.

Women can wear boxers but why can't men wear panties?
Why is it that we no longer think anything of a woman wearing jeans or a woman wearing boxer shorts, fact a woman wearing boxer shorts is thought of as sexy. But a man wearing panties is considered out of the norm or strange. Woman can wear mens underwear and no one would think anything different about it, but put a man in panties and people would think different. Maybe it is because most men are still thought of as to be masculine and show that masculinity and not show any emotions or a lighter side, and men who stray away from showing there masculinity and showing a more feminine side are frowned upon and thought of as gay, bisexual or bicurious and not thought of as straight. But in reality a real man can be both, he can be masculine and also feminine and he can show both with ease and comfort. But the facts are that most men wearing panties are straight. However in spite of the fact that most guys wearing panties are straight, the perception our society has is that a man wearing panties is less masculine than his muscle bound counterpart.

Who do others think of men wearing panties?
Perhaps in some ways we have slid further back than we came forward when it comes to gender equality. Thousands, if not millions of women every year have procedures like breast enlargement, and other cosmetic surgery to conform to the feminine ideal that is seen in magazines and on television, and men seem equally trapped in their masculine roles. When it comes to womens clothing they have an endless selection, but when it comes to mens styles we are very limited. How boring it must be to be a fashion conscious man. Should men not have more choices just as woman do. I really think the choice should be there. The freedom to wear whatever one feels the best in? Why is this simple idea so hard to accomplish? Will society fall because a man wears panties? Will he suddenly become less of son, friend, or father. A less competent worker, a weaker partner. Of course not, yet somewhere inside the minds of many, these are exactly the consequences that are feared. Rather silly when you think about it. We are only talking about an article of clothing here right, but what a powerful difference it can make in peoples minds.

Most men wearing panties choose to do so in the privacy of there own home. In my own case thats where it started, but I've long since taken to wearing panties while in public, under my clothes of course. Many men wear panties to work, or out in public and you never know who might be wearing panties. Next time your at work or in line at the store the guy in front of you might just be wearing panties also.

Men wearing panties comment

-- It's not fair that women get all of the fun choices when it comes to panties and lingerie! Colors, styles, fabrics and they wonder why men wear there panties!

-- My boyfriend wears victoria secret panties, and he looks great in them, it doesn't even appear feminine at all, society will learn to accept it just like scotland accepted kilts amongst men. Clothes should be available to everyone regardless of what they are, my boyfriend also wears bra and lingerie and pantyhose but the bra and pantyhose he only wears at home and I think it's extremely sexy.

-- I wish that we could all just wear whatever we want without being judged or brand with names by others who I believe probably wear their wives panties in secret.

-- I've been wearing panties for about 10 years. Just love the colors and styles not found in men's underwear.

-- I have been wearing panties, as well as other lingerie, for about 15 years. It feels wonderful to wear panties and lingerie. Women have exclusively had this luxury long enough. It's time to share. It's just a matter of time before the majority of society accepts the fact that men should be able to wear what they want as long as men keep doing so.

-- I've worn panties for several years, my wife likes the look and they feel great. Wear what you feel good in, people are to hung up on stereotypes and labels.

-- I have been wearing women's panties at home for years. Why should the women have all the fun? womans clothes are not plain like men's, and the feel of silk, satin against your skin is great. With everything that is going on in the world a man in panties is harmless. So guys stock up on panties.

-- Womans panties are the most comfortable, I wear panties almost every day.

-- I have been wearing panties for about 30 yrs. and love the way they feel. It's true that there are no mens underwear that even comes close to womens panties.

-- I've been wearing panties for years. My wife likes to see my "cute butt" as she calls it, in my thongs, and especially boy short styles. We both usually wear only panties around our home when we are alone (most of the time), so we both wear what is comfortable. My old cotton 'tightie-whities' did nothing for my wife; now she loves how sexy I look! Why should she be the only one who is comfortable and sexy at home?

-- I'm glad there is a place like this so i dont feel alone in this. I wish men had the clothing options that woman do. My wife thought it was weird at first but now she thinks its sexy.

-- I'm glad I came across this site. I've worn panties since I was maybe 14 or 15. They're really comfy and fun to wear. I don't get why men who wear panties are put down. I wear panties and I'm straight. Wish I could find a girl who would be accepting of this.

-- I've been wearing panties for 25 yrs, thank you for this site it helps with the inner struggle and pressure from our society.

-- I love wearing panties, I'm a 50 year young male that wishes I would have started wearing panties alot sooner. And I don't care what anyone thinks about it. I love being a man that loves wearing panties!! And I love being with girls that are turned on buy guys wearing panties. I will never wear mens underwear again.

-- Ever since i tried my moms nylon lace trimmed panties on when i was about 9 i have loved wearing panties.

-- Ive been wearing panties for almost 10 years now, im 25 and i have a girlfriend who loves it. i never told her that i wear them but on day we were playing this intimacy game and a card said "put on something of you partners clothing" naturally i picked her panties and to my surprise the next day she couldn't stop talking about how good they looked. now we go panty shopping about once a week for new stuff, and as long as shes cool with it then so am i.

-- It all started when my girlfriend dared me to shave my legs. She said that she did it so I could see what women had to go through to be pretty. I was in denial at first, but then i felt the sensation of little tingles on my legs/thighs. I respect what she goes through to look good for me now. I also am more sensual and in touch with my feminine side. I asked what else I could do that was feminine and fun. She then suggested that I try womens panties. I wear nothing but womens panties on a daily basis now. I like stretchy fabric in thongs, and I love boyshorts style. I dont wear panties to imagine Im a women, because I know Im all man. I wear panties because the fabric makes me feel sensual and sexy. I have no desire to wear womens clothes in public or to try to pass as a women. I wear panties because they are more comfortable. I have the best understanding girlfriend who I am madly in love with, and I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. We are closer then ever now and I cant really describe how wonderful this experience has been. For those guys who think your wife or girlfriend would never understand maybe you should tell her the truth you might be pleasantly surprised by how much she likes you in panties.

-- Theres nothing wrong with a man wearing panties, lingerie, or pantyhose. whats the differences women do, its not just for women anymore. I wear them when ever i can. More at home, when i am just hanging around or going to bed. My wife excepts me when i am wearing panties or pantyhose. It took her awhile to except it, but she has. Now she really enjoys when i do. She really enjoys it when we have sex while I am wearing panties. Before i use to wear her panties, now i have my own panties. Every once in awhile i surprise her with a new pair of panties. She cant wait to go to bed with them on. Anyway we both enjoy wearing panties very much. Guys dont give up, keep trying. Your wife or girlfriend will come around. Enjoy!

-- There's just something I like about wearing a nice sexy pair of women's panties. It doesn't matter what type, but I am especially fond of thongs. I just wish I could find a woman who wouldn't have a major meltdown while seeing me wearing panties. I feel really sexy when I have panties on. They fit better, and are more comfortable then men's cotton briefs.

-- Ive been wearing panties and lingerie for years my wife and I enjoy it so much I also wear panties everyday

-- I have been wearing panties for for many years. I wear all types, but I've found Bali Skimp Skamps to be the best fitting for me. Wearing lingerie came next. I love the feel of nylon, satin and silk on my body. I wear nightgowns, long and short along with long and short robes. Have a lot of women's undies, bras, camis, etc that I always wear. I think men are unfairly criticized for wearing lingerie, but I find it lots of fun.

-- i have been wearing panties for several years.I told my wife one day that I liked panties and had worn them before we married. It was a surprise that she accepted this. She bought me panties and now I wear them all the time. Only wear men's underwear going to the doctor.

-- I have worn panties and other lingerie from the time I was about 7 years old. I'm now 67. For the past 25 years I have worn nothing but panities and I love them. three years ago I started a relationship with a great woman. She pretty quickly found out about my love of panties and other lingerie and she accepts it, there are great woman out there who will accept you, don't give up.

-- I am in my 20's and I love wearing panties, I am not gay, I just love the feel, and guess I am just living my fantasy or fetish for panties. I love the soft, silky, and the daring mesh types, I love seeing myself in them and love the rush it gives me, its a real turn on. I am married and my wifes knows I wear them, and she loves it as well.

-- I'm a straight men but really love to wear silky panties and also silky slips. I just like silky panties like a nylon, silk, or satin panties because feel so soft in my skin, also I love panties with sexy ruffled. I have many collection now and always wear them, really make me comfortable on it and make me turn on.

-- I also love to wear panties, i've been wearing panties for the past year and a half. Shortly after i started wearing them i met my current girlfriend, they really seem to turn her on. She doesn't even like me wearing boys underwear any more. I've found that the body by victoria selection at victoria secret fit the best. I'm really finding it interesting how now so many men have begun wearing panties.

-- I love panties, one day my wife said my old underwear do not look comfortable. I told her they arent. She went and got me a pair of her cotton panties (floral print) she told me to try them because they are softer and more comfortable. I tried them on and she was right. I now wear her panties every day. She really likes me to wear her pink panties and other pretty flower panties. She sets out what panties I am to wear. I love to have sex with her in her panties and let my cum run all over them and run out of her onto my panties. Today she has me wearing a pretty light pink pair.

I have been wearing panties continuously for the last 11 years, and bras and slips occasionally. I love the feel, the scent (if taken or borrowed from a girl) and smoothness as they hug my balls and cock. its so sweet

--My wife got panties that were too big for her and as she was going to throw them away, for a joke I asked if they would fit me, and they did I found them very soft and wearable, my wife became so turned on seeing me in panties, that now I wear them all the time and we even have matching sets it has given our sex life a real boost too.
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Panty Fetish
I get asked alot about the history of the panty fetish. Recently woman have become very curious as to why guys enjoy panties so much, whether it be wearing panties, sniffing panties, licking panties, seeing panties, smelling panties, girls are starting to wonder and realize just how powerful of a turn on panties are. I have compiled some info here and I hope you enjoy the info. Ill start with an experience a female friend told me about.

Once I caught an ex-boyfriend stealing my panties. He swiped them off the floor and tucked them into his coat pocket on his way out the door. I asked him what he was doing and he said he wanted something to remember me by. He said he wanted to take my panties because they inspired "flashbacks" to our sexual adventures together. I thought that was rather sweet and romantic.

A friend of mine explained it to me by saying, "Panties are the item closest to a woman's body. They hold all the scent that makes a woman a woman. Every woman has her favorite pair of panties. Every day they are discarded, dirty, into the hamper. They are seldom handled by anyone other than the woman who owns them. And panties are one of the most intimate items a woman owns. To have a woman's panties is like having a little piece of her." These guys want a keepsake. They want to carry your scent with them. This is not surprising because our sense of smell is a powerful sexual tool. Scientists say it's the pheromones in our sweat glands that inspire these reactions. The panty thieves only want the panties that belong to the single woman they lust after. It's that one woman that makes the panties special.

Another type of panty consumer is the man who just wants panties and doesn't really care who they belonged to. He uses the panties to enhance his fantasies; the woman who wore them is irrelevant. Quite often these men have panty fantasies early in their sexual development. For example, maybe a man caught a glimpse of a woman's panties as she walked up a flight of stairs. Perhaps he then used that image to fuel his sexual imagination. From then on panties continued to inspire his fantasies. Actually owning a pair of panties would enhance his fantasies.

Other men are attracted to the fabrics. Panties are made out of soft fabrics like silk and satin. These kinds of textiles aren't always available to men. Just feeling them reminds them of women. And still other men like to wear the panties. They'll try them on to feel their erection burst through the fabric. To achieve these heightened experiences some men will often steal or spend money to get the items they desire.

Stealing the panties can be a kick in and of itself. Any sex act that involves taking a risk like that is usually motivated by adrenaline. As much as the man may want the panties, he also gets off on the experience of getting away with the crime of stealing. This is so prevalent that we frequently see news reports of men getting caught stealing their neighbor's panties. Almost all laundromats have signs posted regarding the theft of one's items. I spoke with one guy who bragged about his panty-stealing adventures. He said he enjoyed rummaging through clothes hampers and dresser drawers at parties.

I much prefer the idea of men buying panties from willing participants. Selling worn panties is a huge industry in America and around the world. In the UK they're called "knickers" and you can find them sold online and in magazines. In Japan the industry is so large that they sell used panties in vending machines along with other adult pleasures like beer and cigarettes. Some Japanese schoolgirls are so hip to the high demand for panties that they have taken to selling theirs to strangers after school.

When it comes down to it, whether it's the girl that wore the panties, the scent, the fabric, or the adventure, I am finding the reasons behind the desires are as unique as the men who have them. Which proves to be true for all things sexual.

What Men Wearing Panties Need To Look For When Buying Panties!

Will this fit me? Will that fit me? So, here is our crash course in women's panties.

First of all you NEED to know your MALE size. But, your size will be more complicated than a woman's. Men have "more cargo" than a woman. Yet woman have wider hips and smaller waist.

Here is a chart that we have tested. A few fellow men in panties have helped out to test this chart and demonstrate how panties will fit a man

What we have found is the following. (Including your extra gear)

A Small size 5 is MALE waist size 24-28

A Medium Size 6 is MALE waist size 28-32

A Large Size 7 is MALE waist size 32-36

A Extra Large 8 is MALE size 36-42

Now to explain further. Mens bodies have no natural curves or hips. Therefore the elastic band on the waist of female panties gives you that extra size room. Understand? If a panty size large fits a size large woman with hips, it will fit a extra large size MALE cause you DONT have those hips. DONT USE FEMALE SIZES TO DETERMINE YOUR SIZE. But also each company makes their sizes different. We have all heard a female go OMG I KNOW I can wear a size 6 whats wrong UGHHHH!! Each clothing, manufacturer makes their clothes according to their own rules. this guide here is JUST a general guideline that we have researched with other men who wear panties.

How to choose panties. It can change your life!
Choosing panties should be a wonderful experience. There have never been more choices available. No more plain Jane panties! With all of the choices of fabric, colors and cuts available it can be hard to choose! This guide will make it a little bit easier.

The first thing to consider is what you are going to be wearing. If you are wearing a clingy knit or white pants, it becomes a critical choice! There is nothing worse than the dreaded pantylines or seeing that cute floral print showing through!

To get rid of panty lines is simple. The easiest way to do it is with a thong or a G string. That's right! I said it! A thong or a G string. The difference between a thong and a g string is that a thong has about a 1/2 inch of fabric in the back and a g string is really just a string. Many are afraid to wear them! Don't be! Trust me, they are comfortable and no one but you will know! Once you try one, you will wonder what took you so long!

Now for the white thing. If you are going to wear white pants, do not, let me repeat DO NOT wear white panties! The only colors that work under white are nude or light muted pink. That is really all there is to it, but amazingly many women don't know this.

Now for the fun part. If you are not wearing white and panty lines aren't an issue, your choices are wide open! Right now, the hottest style out there is the Boy Short. They provide back coverage and generally sit low on the hip. They come in a wide range of colors and fabrics. They are perfect under low cut pants or a skirt.

Another popular style is the bikini and it's cousin the string bikini. They have less coverage than the boyshorts, but more than a thong. They sit low on the hip and are great under jeans.

High Cut Brief AKA Grannies. This style is classic. It provides the most back coverage and sits high on the waist. You might think of them as being cotton, but they are frequently made from polyester too. They can be difficult to wear under alot of todays fashions because they are high waisted. Many people consider them to be the most comfortable. They used to come in the basic lingerie colors, white, nude, black and pink. Today they come in every color and pattern imaginable!

Your panties is your personal choice. It can make everything else you wear look better and give your self esteem a real boost. It is your chance to wear something completely sexy to the office or the store and no one will know but you! As men, we need to take care of ourselves and get informed, and most of us know more about panties than women do.

So we all love panties, but which panties do we love most of all, and why? This is the question that plagues not just panty fetish, but your average john or jane doe seeking to purchase a pair of panties for themselves. A great pair of panties soon becomes like a comforting second skin, making you feel confident, sexy, and at ease. A bad pair of panties can cause day long discomfort.

Why men who wear panties make better partners.

1. A man who wears panties will know your size, and not just your bra size either. Presents of clothing from him are likely to fit you well and make you look hot.

2. A man who wears panties is more likely to appreciate all that time you put into looking nice and feminine, especially when it comes to activities in the bedroom.

3. A man who wears panties takes pride in his appearance, and likes to look good in his panties. Very few men who like to wear panties are slobs.

4. A man who wears women's panties will almost certainly never destroy your delicates by shoving them into the washing machine with a load of towels.

5. And speaking of laundry, a man with a liking for panties is much more likely to volunteer to do the laundry, simply in order to spend time handling those lovely panties that he adores.

Men Wearing Panties: Is it about the sensation?

In a recent survey, many men claimed that it was the feeling of panties that they enjoyed, the silky smoothness, the satiny caress. Fair enough, and well and good, but if that were the whole case, then why not just wear satin boxers? There are plenty of traditionally masculine styled underwear products out there for men if they want the feeling of panties without the appearance of femininity, but still, the majority of men who wear panties, prefer to wear panties either made for women, or panties that has a very feminine appearance.

So is it really about the sensation? Or is there also a thrill in the femininity of panties. Does it feel naughty to be a little girly from time to time? Of course at the end of the day, these are your naughty little secrets to keep.

Men In Panties: Want To Wear Panties, But Scared To Tell?
For many men who wear panties, the most difficult part of the journey is not making the decision to wear the panties, it is letting their partner know about their desires and habits when it comes to panties. It's hard enough finding a nice lady to be with in this day and age, without also having to worry about finding one that will be okay with, or preferably enjoy you wearing panties.

Men In Panties – How To Wear Panties At Work

It is a common naughty fantasy desire for a man who wears panties to want to wear panties to work. There are several reasons for this. For starters, you get to feel that lovely panty caressing your body throughout an otherwise mundane and boring workday. Secondly, there is the secret thrill of wearing panties, nobody knows you have it on, and you can be making a big presentation or talking to the boss in a thong, bikini, brief, gstring, lace, satin, nylon or cotton without anyone being the wiser. This can be quite a rush for many men. However if you are going to wear panties to work, you need to do it smart if you don't want to get caught.

What is it about men wearing panties that appeals to other men wearing panties and yes even appeals to some woman. What is it about men in panties?

There is a certain attraction that men in panties have, men in any form of women's clothing that is. Perhaps it's the contrast of lace against muscle, the line between hard and soft. When you want something to really stand out, you put it against its opposite. A guy wearing a pink thong is going to stand out and to some this is a very sexy sight. This page you're reading features black text on white space, because that is the most noticeable and readable format. There is something about a man expressing a feminine side that enhances his masculinity.

Sexy Panty Cuts For Men

Men have to think about what a sexy cut is for them. Ladies can get away with wearing skimpy little thongs and low cut panties but because men must contend with their male member, they often prefer briefs or bikini cut panties.

If you're looking for a different kind of cut, why not try out tanga panties, which are like boyshorts, but with a higher cut around the derriere. Or if that's not for you, then try vintage styles. There's nothing like a pair of bloomers to restore panty perspective.

The goal of panties wearing men is to provide a place for men wearing panties a place to be amoung other men wearing panties and to have a place much like a community, a community of panty wearing men.

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